About Us

Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

More Than a Number.

On 21 March 2020 we were unable to sleep, lamenting the atrocity that is befalling our world. Unfathomable new numbers of deaths being reported every day - and growing. Numbers. Not names. Not stories. Nothing personal that demonstrated these rich lives that had been lived. Just cold, calculated numbers.

These were people. People who mostly died alone. People who left behind whole communities unable to come together to grieve and celebrate their lives.

There was an injustice served and we felt growing anger, sadness, helplessness. A single question kept turning over in our heads: WHAT CAN WE DO?

From this, Mourning America was drafted in 48 hours and brought to our larger community. We are all more than numbers. We are lives well lived and deserving of remembrance.

Help us remember more than numbers. Help us tell their stories. Let's build this memorial together, because we are all #InThisTogether.

Who We Are.

Dr. Rebecca Heiss, works with individuals looking to gain self-awareness and to overcome evolutionary limitations – specifically the ancient fears that hold them back from truly living. She is an author, keynote speaker, and founder of a technology company.

Dermot Jevens, DipACVS,  was the founder and CEO of two multi-specialty animal hospitals (Upstate Veterinary Specialists) before becoming an integral part of the leadership team of a national veterinary hospital speciality and ER network. He serves on the board of directors of The American Animal Hospital Association. 

Both Rebecca & Dermot live in South Carolina with their beloved dog Guinness.  Mourning America was founded on the frustration, helplessness and profound sadness this couple felt watching the pandemic sweep across the country.  They understand the despair of not being by the side of loved ones who pass, and the unbearable loneliness of grieving in isolation.