Aida L. Cabrera

Age: 61

City: Long Island City

State: Array

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My mother came to New York City in 1989 from her hometown Cuenca, Ecuador following my father and worked in multiple factories across Manhattan sewing. After she had me (Lucy) her only American born child following my 3 older siblings she decided to be a black car driver (one of the very few woman to be driving taxi in new york at the time and to the last day when she just wasnt feel too well and didnt want to make anyone sick) to be able to take care of us. My hard working mother put my siblings and I through school and she finally received her residency about 1 year ago (2019). In the month of late March my mom tested positive for COVID 19 and was treated in the hospital TWICE and sent home with antibiotics for COVID symptoms with a diagnosis of pneumonia and the explanation that she just didnt meet the critical criteria to get medical treatment. On the third visit to the hospital, she was admitted immediately within hours she was intubated and plugged to a ventilator. On day 10 of being in the hospital, my mother’s heart stopped. She past away on 14 April 2020 early morning. She is now in Heaven, watching over us. She lost her battle to COVID-19, but i know she fought as hard as she could it just wasnt enough. REST IN PARADISE MAMI. I LOVE YOU. 💔Submitted by: Lucy Cornejo Cabrera (

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