Andrew Wong

City: Unknown

State: Unknown

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  1. Andy Wong was an awesome person He would help anyone in need. He was an inspector for the Southhampton Garage in Boston the 60 foot buses. He started as a bus operator and then became an inspector. He was an awesome friend and a wondeful son to His mother He took excellent care of her and spent weekends walking around the mall with her as their out of the house time. His mother passed away a few years ago. He always was their for his family and friends. Sadly Andy had a bad cold it was just before everyone understood what was happening with covid. He took a week off from work to rest and he lived alone . On the day he was supposed to return to work he didnt show up which was not like andy at all. One of his coworkers called him and getting no response went by his house they called the police for a wellness check and he was found deceased . it was his atopsy that told the story of covid . We miss you Andy not a day goes by that we dont think of you and shed tears for the loss of such a fantastic person

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