Antonio David Tiglao

Age: 85

City: Aurora

State: Unknown

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My Dad Antonio David Tiglao passed away last April 19, 2020 while my Mom was at the ICU comatose. Today my Mom is virus negative, still weak but “Thank God” she’s alive. I just saw my Dad through FaceTime days before he passed away. My heart felt so much pain because I wasn’t able to see my Dad in person due to the restrictions, I’m at San Diego. He was cremated and haven’t had the blessings from a Priest. His 40 days will be on May 29, 2020. I love my Dad so much that it hurts I wasn’t able to hug and kiss him before he passed away. He had a kidney failure on dialysis 3 times a week 4 hours per session then he was positive for COVID after 2 days the hospital released him, home hospice. I love you Dad. Thank you mourning America for letting me share my story. God Bless us all.Submitted by Mellany Gonzales (

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