Age: 68

City: Santa Clara

State: Unknown

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Having a loved one quickly slip through your fingers is a loss that brings lessons learned the hard way. You suddenly realize you can’t say the words you thought you’d share with time or have the experiences you thought would build new understandings. Time cheats you. That person is gone. I now speak from experience after losing my mother to COVID-19. My hardship aside, her being the first passing victim in the SF Bay Area puts me in the position to send an important message. PLEASE take the current danger of coronavirus spread with utmost seriousness by keeping yourself and loved ones as risk free as possible. My mother hadn’t travelled or contacted anyone already at-risk. It was community spread. Most importantly, make it more of an urgent case now more than ever to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with your loved ones as tomorrow is a new day that may come with significant changes. This is why I’m sharing her story at the GoFundMe link below beside the financial support this may bring my family. I wish you all patience and steadfastness as we collectively overcome this global epidemic. Stay safe. Please share this post on if you know others who should hear this message.Any donations to help the family would be greatly appreciated at the link below. 15157910.php

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  1. So Sorry for the loss of you mom!!! It is a truly heartbreaking story and I wish America had been much quicker on their toes with diagnosing and testing. It is such a shame that your mother was a victim of this and I truly appreciate you sharing your story and your advice with us.


    Dee Goldberg

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