Bettie Mae Lassiter

Age: 84

City: Hyattsville

State: Unknown

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My mom was the most amazing mother . She was a hard working single mom who worked at a community food carry out called Mel’s Sub Shop in Bladensburg, Maryland . Everyone in our small town of Bladensburg knew who my mom was and enjoyed her cooking . She was know as ma or Ms.Bettie . She was always kind and friendly to people who knew her and strangers . She was active in her senior organization in Brentwood ,Md and she was always upbeat and loved to be around her family and her neighbors loved her dearly . My mom injured her back and because of the injury she had to move in a nursing home in January 2020 . The late part of April my mom showed signs of COVID-19 in which she battled with the virus all the way to May 15,2020 and she lost her battle . My mom will be missed so much by her 7 children , grand children and great grand children . My mom will also be missed by her sisters nieces/nephews . Rest in peace mom . The community of Bladensburg ,Md will miss you . We love you .Submitted by Cassandra Washington (

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