Elizabeth Fidler (Betty)

Age: 89

City: Worcester

State: Unknown

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Betty was a vibrant woman who always had a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She was the mother of four children, grandmother of ten and great grandmother of four! In her younger days, she worked as a bank teller near her home. Most days, she could be seen riding her bike to work. She knew EVERYONE in town and they all loved her. She was married to Joe for over 50 years and they enjoyed travel, especially to Bermuda where they had once honeymooned. After retiring, they would spend about half the year away from home, with Sanibel Island being their winter destination and the Connecticut shore being their summer choice (Betty was born in Jewett City CT). They biked Europe and played tennis into their 70’s. After Joe’s death in 2010, Betty’s mental health declined rather rapidly. She sold her house in Milton, MA, moved in with a daughter and her family for a year but then made her final home in Worcester at Notre Dame du Lac, first in assisted living and most recently in the nursing home unit for dementia. It was very hard to see this once lively lady start to lose her personality, but still she was beloved at the home for her good attitude. Once Covid hit, we could no longer visit Betty and it became very hard to get any information as to what was happening there. It was as if they were part of a war zone which was heartbreaking on many levels! One fortunate thing was the priests who were visiting in the home. Betty had been a faithful Catholic her whole life and truly believed in God. The priests visits provided us with the only way we could even talk to her on the phone and say our goodbyes once she got sick. We were told she did not suffer and for that we were grateful. The ultimate sadness came when we realized we couldn’t even get together and mourn/celebrate her in any meaningful way so we chose to cremate her and we will give her the send-off she deserves when it is safe to do so.

Submitted by Katherine Dowd.

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