Daniel Ontiveros

Age: 47

City: Houston

State: Unknown

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My Husband Daniel Ontiveros was a Union Plumber, he was a DJ ( Crazy D ) and rode his Harley Davidson any chance he could. But he loved his family, his three son’s Robert, Arthur and Jesse, and his two daughter’s Sabrina and Jessica , and his three grandkids Selena , John-Isaac and Andre.
But most of all he loved me his wife Jeanne Castellano Estrada. He was a Good Man that would do anything for anyone. We Love and Miss you like Crazy Daniel. You will Forever be in our Hearts!!!

Submitted by Jeanne Estrada (estradajeanne@yahoo.com)

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  1. Daniel was an amazing person , awesome personality . Always was out to help others before him self . Daniel was a one of a kind person with a genuine personality . Their was never a dull moment when Daniel was around . Always full of laughter and jokes and love , he will be missed dearly but never forgotten . It’s never a good bye it’s I’ll see you later Daniel

  2. What a great guy and such a fun dj…I know your mixxing up some Tejano up there give me a shout out…save me a spot behind that dj table my dj brother……REST EASY CRAZY D……dj MAJIK.

    1. Had the pleasure of meeting Crzy D at McCarthy’s whil i was working he was setting up to Dj
      I had never heard him dj before j & l promotuons were looking for more talented dj’s to promote along side DJMAJIK
      KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVED DJing n pplaying them lonney tunes

  3. We will miss you boa. My best memory of our friend is how he was scared to swim with me at the beach. He had a fear of sharks and crabs. He was really a good friend. Such a loss for all of us.

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