David Lee Smith

Age: 56

City: Auburndale

State: Unknown

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Only 56

He was 56 years of age. A life time of pain and heartaches landed him in a wheelchair and then a nursing home . The last I saw him he was smiling Christmas 2019. ¬†Fast forward to the pandemic March 2020 lockdown in the nursing home. NO visitors, his momma who is 87 unable to get out of the house to visit him even through the window. Airline cancelled my flight April 16th, 2020 to visit. Pain meds kept him incoherent. but the day of lock down he understood why. As the days pasted 7, 10, 15, 30, downward spiral. Left alone, no one visiting, laying there just fading away. Nothing to keep going for. He got a call on April 28th telling him he was loved within 2 hours he was gone………. Covin-19 caused his death!!!! Not the virus but the emotional effects from the virus. Thinking he was left alone no family, no one to hold his hand. No one to pray with him. He was only 56, my little brother, the last time I saw him he was good, The next time was to comfort our 87 year old mom who was waiting for the nursing home to open back up so she could visit. ¬†There are so many more deaths you can blame the virus for that never tested positive

Submitted by: Dorthy Dearinger (dotdearinger@gmail.com)

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