David Seymour

Age: 59

City: Long Pond

State: Unknown

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I lost my husband to COVID-19 in May, he was on a ventilator for 32 days. David was an incredibly happy person who loved to make people laugh. He was an awesome husband and father, he would help anybody that ask him for help. His generous spirit and pleasing personality served him well for he was loved by many. We miss him dearly, but he will forever be in our hearts.

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  1. David was husband James’s confidant and ear, they shared dumb jokes that no one understood but the two of them. Every time James sees something new on As Seen on TV, he says he has no one to talk about it to. David and James would talk 4 or 5 times a day, they watched CNN and MSNBC religiously and had what they thought were meaningful discussions, David will be truly missed for a long time.

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