David W Veloz

Age: 62

City: Chicago

State: Unknown

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Early March we (my husband Dave and I) started staying home because of the virus and I have diabetes and had a heart attack 2 years ago and have stents in my heart. He was an “essential worker”(Engineer for the City of Chicago) and took care of the over 400 buildings owned by the city. Fire houses, Police stations, Libraries, Animal Shelters etc…On March 25 he came home with a terrible headache and fever of 101.5 went immediately to the RUSH COVID testing center. The next day I had the same symptoms…took 5 days for results. We were SO VERY SICK!!After about 5 days I started feeling better, Dave wasn’t.. He started to cough up blood.. Called RUSH back with the new symptoms. Then the breathings issues started for him and he was starting to really scare me. So on April 1st I took him to the ER – Day 1 they were pleased with his improvement. Day 2 took a terrible turn and they said his kidneys took a big hit…Day 7 he passed. This was the love of my life!! The best 10 years of our lives!! Taken by this COVID 19….I am so broken. He use to say every morning…”I’m off to SAVE THE CITY!”… I just find that so ironic. I had to say goodbye at the ER never thinking it would be the last time I got to see my friend of 40 years!! I spent a total of almost 2 months in that apartment by myself, even mourning his death by myself. My soul and my psyche are shattered!! Now trying to get paperwork together with no one in their offices is another new nightmare of its own.Submitted by Sandra Frantz

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss! Your story touched me. What a horrible disease this is, stealing loved ones. I hope you find some comfort. Prayers for you and your husband. Hugs…

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