Donald Forrest (Donnie)

Age: 58


State: Unknown

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My husband Donnie was a fantastic person, he loved me and my kids as if they were his own. he worked for tastykake ( a philapelphia favorite) for 40 years and rarely ever called out sick. He was a family man who’s family came first. He loved his 2 little grandsons to pieces.
on 10/12/18 just 2 days after his 57th birthday Donnie was rushed to the hospital with problems breathing. I was at workI get the call and rush to the hospital where i’m told that he needed an emergency operation and may not survive the surgery but with out it he will not survive. the doctors drained 14 pounds of fluid off his heart and lungs only for it to come back the next day.the doctors said that they thought it was cancer, our worse nightmare came 2 days later when they confirmed that Donnie had a massive cancer tumor on his heart and he also had acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute lymphoblastic lymphoma. Donnie started treatment 2 days later..He fought a long rough battle, massive chemo, radiation and had a bone marrow transplant on 2/1/19 Donnie was doing good then he caught c-diff and had a set back. He was in total remission but was in a rehab to gather his strength back, you see all those treatments really weakened his body.
I had hoped that he would be home this Easter. On April 5 2020 the rehab called me to tell me he had a nasty cough so they were going to test him for covid-19 April 7, he came back positive. Since everyone was under quarantine I could not visit him, but I talked to him all the time, he sounded really good then one thursday I call him he answers the phone help me I call the nurses station and tell them to go check on him..I call him back a few hours later and he sounded very weak. so I didnt keep him on the phone too lone I told him how much I loved him and i would see him as soon as im allowed in the rehab. the next day the rehab calls (friday) and say they are sending him to the hospital to be on the safe side because of him having issues breathing..that saturday the doctor told me that his body as been through so much and a body cant take that much. the hospital was fantastic they really kept me informed on sunday they recommended he go into hospice. If he went into hospice I could visit him then on 4/27/20 i get the call early in the morning he is not going to survive the day, so I went up to the hospital with his brother and we were allowed in there with him the family members said goodby to him via zoom. they pulled the mask off his face at 12:30 pm and at 1:23 pm as i was holding his hand I felt his hand jolt as his soul left his body.
Donnie was a fighter and he beat cancer he just didnt have enough in him to beat covid-19..
he was loved by so many people over 2000 views on his obituary. we were only allowed to have 8 people at his service
I miss him so much, he was not just a number he was Donnie Forrest my soulmate, my husband, he was a father and a pop-pop he was an avid comic book collector. a hard working family man who is missed so much ..i loved that man so much I am lost with out him.

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  1. i’m so sorry . all I can say his was a good man and friend. God Bless Him be strong

  2. My heartfelt condolences to you & your family.
    I am very sorry for your loss.

  3. He was a great person and will be sadly missed, I can’t express in words anything that will help your grief other then knowing he is no longer in pain and he is with loved ones until you meet again

  4. Was working at Tasty kake for over 5 years when I found out he was the oldest bash bro when I explained it to him he just laughed. Yeah they good people they better be because I trained them. Rest easy my friend

  5. Don was my step dad. But to us he was are dad. He was an amazing man. He always put other before himself he was also an major comic book collector. He also was an amazing pop pop to his grandsons James and Kyle. We all miss him dearly.

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