Donald Spitko

Age: 81

City: Trooper

State: Unknown

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My dad, Donald Spitko, was taken to Patient First with s/s of flu, fever and generalized weakness. Patient First did a flu and strep swab and was told to go home and rest because he probably has a VIRAL Infection. My sister took it upon herself to get him tested the very next morning for the coronavirus. Within four days of being tested, my dad was rushed by ambulance because he had difficulty breathing. Family was told to stay home due to the no visitor policy implemented by most hospitals. My dad was soon placed on a ventilator and has been fighting to live ever since. Everyone prayed continually and waited endlessly for his condition to change but our hopes turned to despair with each new day. My dad was hospitalized for 26 days, on a ventilator for 25 days and continues to test positive for the Coronavirus after “35“ days. The virus never left my dad’s lungs. Medically, I now know why he isn’t getting better. Sadly, I now know why he will never get better. This virus has destroyed his lungs so severely, he will never be able to breathe on his own. No words will ever describe the emotional heartbreaking decision our family had to make together. It was time for my dad to stop fighting and go be with his son in heaven. I lost a wonderful Dad today. He was also a wonderful husband, Father to 6 children, a great pop-pop, father-in-law, uncle, veteran and a friend to anyone who needed one. I lost him in a way that will be embedded into my memory forever. I never had the chance to say my last goodbye as a whisper in his ear or a gentle touch to his arm to say I love you. I will never stand before him with my family to say its ok to stop fighting, as his soul is lifted to heaven. My dad left this world alone and in isolation but he was loved by so many people. I’m telling his story because my dad was a perfectly healthy man until he became infected with the coronavirus. Please don’t let your guard down and continue social distancing and wearing a mask. Don’t think my story can’t happen to you or someone you love I never thought in a million years my family would become a statistic. Thank you for all the overwhelming prayers and the ICU staff at EMCM. A special thank you to my dad’s nurse Tammy who became part of our family today and held my dad’s hand when we couldn’t. Dad, against all odds, you took one breath after another for over 6 hours. You listened to all our stories and waited until your last child came to say goodnight when you decided it was your time to go. You will be forever missed.Rest In Peace Daddy….Until I see you again…Submitted by: Tammi King ( help if you can:

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  1. Hello,
    I am Eva, I am French and I maybe think that I came to your family in Tropper for a month when I was 17 in 1989.
    I was with your 4 sister l : Sharon and your mum Barbara and dad Don and little Ryan baby who was 2 at that time. I would be really happy to be in contact with all of you, you had been all so kind to me during that month. I will remember all my life. I am so sad for Donald. Regards. Eva.

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