Ed Bengivenga

Age: 55

City: Rock Hill

State: Unknown

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My husband Ed started having symptoms of COVID-19 on Monday, July 13. He had a 103 fever, a cough and body aches. It became a little harder for him to breathe every day especially with the coughing so on July 19, his birthday, we called an ambulance. He was in the hospital for two days, they got his oxygen levels back up and released him. But the day after, on July 22, he was struggling a little to breathe again so I dropped him off at the ER and that was the last time I saw him. He was in the hospital for the next 10 days. His inflammation markers had risen so they had given him a plasma treatment as well as tocilzumad to help with that and they worked. His markers went down and he was feeling better and even had plans of coming home. But on the ninth day he took a turn for the worse and on the 10th day his heart stopped. They brought him back and vented him immediately but his heartbeat was irregular and his blood pressure was low. And five hours later, his heart stopped again and he was gone.
Ed was truly the rock of our family – he was a passionate, generous and hard-working man of faith and we love and miss him so much.

Submitted by Kristin Bengivenga.

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  1. Mr. Bengivenga sounds like he was a wonderful man with a very loving family. I am sorry for your loss.

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