Ellen P. Luthin

Age: 93

City: Framingham

State: Unknown

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Ellen, who grew up in Brooklyn, NY and Englewood, NJ, was a mother of seven children. She sacrificed a lot for her kids and took care of her mother who lived to 103. She was always happy and upbeat. Ellen was proud of her Finnish heritage and took several trips to Finland in her adult life, even hiking in the Arctic Circle when she was in her late 60s with cousins. She moved north to Massachusetts after her dementia worsened to be nearer to more of her family. Even with dementia she brought smiles to all! We were blessed to have had her in our lives.

Submitted by Marion Reilly.

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  1. She was a wonderful woman. She loved her family and her Finnish heritage. Her kids were her world. She liked us, her nieces and nephews. She was private and proud. I loved her and loved our history. We spent a summer together, I was 17, it was 1976. We went to Finland, together with my grandmother. So it was me, my Auntie, and my Grandmother. Wow oh wow. What a trip. Thank you Aunt Ellen. I will always remember you with love.

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