Ellen Marcus

Age: 80

City: Coconut Creek

State: Unknown

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Ellen was 80 and passed away on Aug. 14, 2020. She had multiple myeloma, putting her at an increased risk for contracting Covid. While her cancer was in check, she took this very seriously. Beginning in early March, the only place she went was to her doctor’s office for her monthly chemo. Her groceries were delivered. She visited with her children, grandchildren, and a friend in the parking lot of her condo with everyone wearing a mask and standing more than 6 feet apart. A week after her last chemo treatment, she was in the hospital ICU with Covid and pneumonia. Three days later she had to be put on a ventilator and by the end of the week she had passed away. It was all so sudden. While the nurses were wonderful, Ellen died alone.

Ellen was truly one of a kind. Loving and fun and a bit quirky. She sang silly songs. She had her own unique way of looking at the world. She saw the best in everyone. Despite being so tiny she gave the biggest hugs. Since her initial diagnosis with cancer in 2016 and miraculously going into remission within 3 months, she lived life to her fullest every day. Her dream was to travel the world and in 2019 she went to Japan. She made a lot of new friends. She learned wood carving and won a regional award at her first show. She volunteered her time to help children with special needs. Despite this pandemic, she was happy and hopeful, talking & texting daily with her family and friends, doing yoga over Zoom, and virtually touring museums.

She was an amazing daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt and friend and will be greatly missed.

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  1. You will be in our hearts always. I Love you, Aunt Ellen, Watermelon.

  2. Ellen will always be in my heart. A true friend and “kindred ” spirit

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