Ellis Marsalis, Jr.

Age: 85

City: Unknown

State: Array

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Jazz pianist, performer and educator, and honored namesake of the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in New Orleans, Ellis was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2007 from Tulane University for his contributions to jazz and musical education. He leaves behind six sons.“Ellis Marsalis was a legend. He was the prototype of what we mean when we talk about New Orleans jazz. He was a teacher, a father, and an icon — and words aren’t sufficient to describe the art, the joy and the wonder he showed the world.”— New Orleans Mayor, LaToya Cantrell

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  1. To the family and friends of Ellis Marsalis, my sincerest condolences. I am so saddened by the loss of this genius. It was always a fantasy of mine to read my poetry to his music. He has touched so many lives with his heart as well as with his brilliance.

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