Eloy A Sifuentes

Age: 54

City: San Antonio

State: Unknown

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My father was an Air Force vet who worked civil service most his life. He was the best at what he did & would often get sent TDY to investigate plane crashes or fix stuff no one else could. Later in his life he became a professor & taught what he loved most. I was happy for my dad when he entered this chapter of his life & I wish he could have enjoyed that time longer. It always fascinated me so much how my dad could hear a plane or see one over us & tell me what kind of plane it was & what it was used for.
My dad was diagnosed with covid towards the end of July & days after was admitted. He was transferred & moved around countless times & had multiple procedures. At the beginning of October he finally tested negative so he was allowed one visitor per day. After so many scares & doctors preparing us for the worst outcome we thought this was it & we were finally, after months on the other side of this virus. I’m sad to say that I along with 3 of my brothers, his wife & a room full of his closest loved ones held my father while he took his last breath on Tuesday(10/27) after we made the difficult decision to do comfort care & take him off medication & the ventilator. My dads physical absence leaves behind the biggest void, but his memory will live on. I pray no one else has to experience & suffer the heartbreak we have had endure. God bless.

Submitted by Kimberly Sifuentes.

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  1. My deepest condolences Kimberly. I have so many memories of your Dad when I was growing up. My twin sister and I had spent many sleepovers @ Mrs Sifuentes’ and he and his friends would always try to scare us and usually succeeded. I pray for you and your extended family. May he Rest in Peace and may the peteural light shine upon him always.

  2. We knew Coyote and Margaret from back in the day . San Antonio times then Bracetville times. Eloy and my husband work at the base . We are truly sorry for what you have experienced. Your love for your dad will always be with you in your heart . May God give you strength and guide you during this difficult time. Our sincere condolences to you and your family.

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