Eric Oshiro

Age: 61

City: La Mirada

State: Unknown

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Eric and I contracted Covid 19 in mid March, after being exposed to his mother, Betty Oshiro. We took his mother to the ER for what we thought was the stomach flu. A week later, we came down with fevers, chills, and headaches. I was able to recover, but Betty and Eric continue to worsen. Betty succumbed to the Covid. Eric was hospitalized on March 26th, after being at home for 2 weeks. His respiratory status worsened, and was eventually intubated after one week. The hardest part for Eric, our sons Ryan and Steven, and myself was not being able to be with him in the hospital. We only spoke on the phone a few minutes, as he was very short of breath. On April 8th, we received the call that Eric had gone into cardiac arrest, and a Code Blue was called. The physician reported that Eric’s heart was failing. The hospital allowed our sons and I to go to the hospital, for a limited amount of time to say goodbye. It was heartbreaking to see Eric on life support. Even though I’ve worked in healthcare for many years, my heart sank. Eric was heavily sedated, but we spoke to him, and told him that we were there. We told him that we loved him and we would be okay. We gasped, as we saw 2 tears come from his closed eyes. We knew that Eric heard us. It has been just over 2 months since Eric passed, and we miss him terribly. We are hoping to have a memorial service in August. Eric was always soft-spoken, never one to brag or boast. He had a quiet leadership, a strength that he instilled in our sons. My days have gotten better, but my nights are still difficult. I still have feelings of anger, grief, depression, and frustration. I am sad that he won’t be able to see our sons graduate, get married, or have their own families. I am angry that we won’t be able to grow old together or travel when we both retired. But I know my sons and I have to continue on…something that Eric would have wanted.

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  1. Yes, you must go on. Everything you and the boys do from here forward will be for Eric. For that’s what he would want….my heart aches for your family.

  2. Thank you for sharing Lori. This site gives us the chance to get to know Eric and Betty more and support you in your grief. There are no words to express my sorrow for you and your boys.

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