Ernest “Ernie” Osorno

Age: 72

City: Los Angeles

State: Unknown

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My father was a proud Marine and a Vietnam Veteran. He fought valiantly for 13 days, but lost his battle to Covid-19 after suffering from post-intubation cardiac arrest on May 15, 2020.

After my mother was no longer a part of our family, he had stepped up, even going as far as being by my side throughout my labor because he knew I was so scared, and witnessed the birth of his granddaughter, Jade. I will always remember how proud and happy he was that day.

He loved the Los Angeles Rams, and will miss the funny dance he would do when they would score a touchdown. He enjoyed action and science fiction movies, especially Star Trek. He was a great storyteller and could command the attention of a room and have everyone laughing. He also had an impressive rubber duck collection (Which our family later divided amongst ourselves to remember him by.)

He had spent his final years taking care of his mother and aunt (They both passed from Covid-19 days before him), as well as his girlfriend who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and a dear family friend. Because he had been spending so much time caring for others instead of taking a break to enjoy his own life, I had planned to take him to Las Vegas for a few days in May, which he was very excited about. Instead, I took home his ashes.

It will always hurt that I could not be there in the hospital room to hold his hand and encourage him the same way he did for me, or to at least say goodbye… We love you and miss you so much! Daddy, I will see you again when you come to pick me up driving your own Starship Enterprise. I know you are always watching over me and your granddaughter that you adored so much, as well as your beloved sisters and brother.

Semper Fidelis

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  1. My only wish is for him to meet his grandson one time. To see his granddaughter one more time. To hold his grandson and to hold his granddaughter one more time. He wasn’t meant to leave this early. He is always with us, with Lesly and Micah. We will cherish his memory and echo his name throughout our lineage.
    Lesly, Micah, & Daniel

  2. Thank you for the touching memorial for Ernie. It was a privilege to know him for a few short years and see his loving care for those he cared for in his family. We miss him.

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