Falneshia Adams

Age: 49

City: Philadelphia

State: Unknown

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My sister contracted Covid-19 from cleaning a contaminated room at the hospital she was employed with. She was not informed patient was infected with Covid and cleaned the room without a mask.

Submitted by Shani Nickolas (ShaniAdams3@yahoo.com)


Falneshia Adams was my niece. She was a beautiful soul. She was loved dearly by her family, friends, and co-workers. She left behind an adorable 10 year old daughter, whom she loved inexplicably, a heart broken father, and mother, two sisters, neices, aunts and uncles all of whom are still trying to wrap our minds around, how will we move on after experiencing such a sudden loss. Falneshia was so humble always smiling, and full of life. She will be missed so much by so many. Your life will forever be remembered. Sleep easy our Angel. Always heartbroken.

Submitted by Wonder Bouie (wbouie65@gmail.com)


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