Gerard “Jerry” Rotonda Jr.

City: Unknown

State: Unknown

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  1. Gerard Rotonda Jr. lived life completely to the fullest and was selfless. Married to Dr. AnnaMarie Rotonda, Mayor of Fairfield, he raised 5 children and impacted the lives of many more in additional to his 12 grandchildren. He filled the roles of father, mentor, advisor and true friend. “True Till Death” as marked on his arm. Always will be remembered. He died. Turn the page and write the next chapter.

  2. Happy 85th Birthday Dad. You are always in our thoughts. Gerard Rotonda

  3. My Dad. Many years ago, I had drinks with my dad before Thanksgiving. We drank through the night. Then I got in my car and he got in his. While driving home, a state trooper was driving behind me, pacing me. I was doing 70mph. I didn’t hit my brakes and was concerned what to do next. All of a sudden, a car came up the emergency lane, passing the trooper and me, doing 100mph and criss-crossing across the highway. The cop put on his lights and went around me and chased the car into the far distance away from me. It was my dad driving that car. He died yesterday morning of Covid-19. Gerard Rotonda 01/01/36 – 04/05/20.

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