Gregg Pappadake

Age: 59

City: Port Chester

State: Unknown

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Gregg Pappadake was an essential worker who contracted the virus while doing his job. Gregg delivered medication for a living to the elderly and home-bound in the Port Chester/ Rye Brook, NY community. Gregg took extra care of his elderly customers. He would take out the trash for them, and do other small tasks around the house if they needed a helping hand. He always took the time to ask how they were doing, and listened when they told him. Recently, Gregg took on a second job (another essential job) to help pay for his daughter’s dream wedding that was to take place in October of this year. Gregg was so excited for the wedding. He spoke about it every chance he had. He would have looked so handsome in that tux. He was most excited about the hor’s d’oeurves.He died exactly one month before his and his beloved wife’s 36th wedding anniversary. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his wife Maria. The two were inseparable, and showed the meaning of the phrase “soul mate.” They had a quintessential marriage. Through better or worse, they believed they’d get through anything together and it showed.Gregg was an outstanding father to his daughter Cristina (29) and son Gregory (26). He was an exceptional pseudo-father to countless friends of his kids’ through out the years. He always wanted to help anyone he could; whether it was a teen in crisis, someone at a crossroads, or someone who had lost their path. Gregg always had time to listen, and share his insight. Gregg made you feel special. When you spoke, he listened. He was a jokester, and loved making people laugh. He also loved laughing himself. He was truly one-of-a-kind.Gregg was a fierce advocate for the underdog, who always tried to do right by everyone. He was relentlessly loyal to those he loved, and would give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it.He fought for his life for a month in the hospital, three weeks of that month in the ICU. He fought for his family. He fought longer and harder than any of the doctors or medical staff thought he could. He ultimately succumbed to this viscous monster as his body literally could not take any more, but his spirit was STILL fighting.He will be sorely missed by his friends, colleagues, customers, sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, and most of all, his beloved wife Maria, daughter Cristina, son Gregory, and son-in-law Chris. The world is a certainly a darker place without his light.Submitted by: Cristina Pappadake-Gomez (

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