Helène Aylon

Age: 89

City: Unknown

State: Array

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Helène was a warrior and her art was her weapon. She fought for feminist values, nuclear disarmament and the environment. She was a force in the world of art, and was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Women’s Caucus for Art. She is survived by two sisters, a son, a daughter, and five grandchildren.

“She was a rare person and artist, fearless, truly inspirational, but we are so blessed to have had her example.”

Archie Rand, artist

“She was one of the most powerful human beings I ever met. She was fiercely unique, energetically rigorous in her truth-telling, a woman who touched so many lives with her art and her heart. I was so privileged to call Helene a friend, a congregant and an inspiration.”

Rabbi David Ingber

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