Howard and Fern Peterson

Age: 93

City: La Grange

State: Unknown

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My parents sadly died of CoVid within a week of each other. As difficult as that was, we were so grateful that they went together, and equally as important, that we had brought them home from the nursing home they were in so they could live out their remaing months and ultimately die at home.But, this did not define who my parents were. They had a long and an amazing life. Howard had his own successful manufacturing business. Fern was a Speech Therapist in the school system. They traveled to China, Europe, Africa, Australia and extensively around the US.They had three children and 6 grandchildren who they showered with love.They had many friends and loved their charities, especially the Lions Club and Brookfield Zoo.We are forever and profoundly grateful for their impact on our lives. They will be sorely missed.Submitted Carolyn Peterson-Vaccaro

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