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My mother’s name is Janet Labaff (12/3/54-4/14/20). It all started March 27, 2020. I’m her daughter I have Crohn’s disease. I got admitted into the hospital with a bowel obstruction. The doctor’s decided to finally do surgery on me that night. I called my mother she cried her heart out because she was not allowed in the hospital because of the coronavirus. She was very upset least to say. So we used messenger the whole time I was in hospital. It ended up being a 10 day hospital stay for me. I got out of hospital April 6th. Usually my mom would come to my house the next day to make sure I was alright. I found it strange she never came to see me first of all. Second of all while I was in hospital she was home sick double ear infections and flu like symptoms. She got tested for the regular flu it was negative. Her family doctor recommended she get tested for Covid19 but she messaged me that she was scared to get the test and she was gonna see how she felt in a couple days. She claimed she was feeling better told us ( her family) that if she didn’t feel better she would get the test. April 8th she calls me and said im admitted in the hospital I have pneumonia I will be fine don’t worry about me. I love you. I just thought she’s had this before she will get better. My birthday was April 11th that Saturday I messaged her said don’t forget to call me tomorrow is my birthday. I didn’t hear from her just thought she was getting her rest to get better. My birthday comes no phone call. Next day was Easter we had a good day. Then that night my older brother comes to my house unannounced which isn’t like him. He says i got a call from the hospital the other night mom got up to go to the bathroom and she collapsed her oxygen dropped very low she’s in ICU. At this point no covid test had been dine yet. I assume when she entered the ICU they tested her. She was on the ventilator and sedated. She kept waking up from sedation so then they heavily sedated her at that point. No medicine for the pneumonia was working. It took 2 days for results of covid19. She was positive. Next day they tell us all her organs were failing so at this point my brother and I and my 3 children had to make the hardest decision of our lives. We didn’t want to know she was suffering and/or in pain so we decided to have the machines turned off that were keeping her alive. Tuesday at 2:42 pm everything was shut off. She lived 10 minutes without the machines. At 2:52 pm they claim she passed away peacefully in her sleep. So between Wednesday and Tuesday our mom/nana the person who did everything/anything for us is gone. No funeral. Just a cremation. No priest to pray over her body nothing. I’m not at peace. I have a lot of what ifs and a lot of regrets for all of us. At first none of us took covid serious we said if we get sick we will just get better. Never did any of us think it would be the matriarch of our family. Its unbelievable we all take it serious now. I would never wish this on anyone. She was my bestfriend my everything. I’ve only left the house a handful of times. I’m now scared of this virus. I pray for anyone going through this and god bless to anyone going through this terrible virus.


Submitted by Devan Barr (devanhateslove@yahoo.com)

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  1. I just want to say that my Aunt Janet was like my second mom she was always there for me and her family no matter what.All I can say is that I miss her so much I can’t even put it into words when my son completed suicide she stayed with me the whole time no matter what I was not in the right frame of mind thank you so much I love you and miss you and always will I’ll see you on the flipside

    1. Hi Mom. Tomorrow your granddaughter Georgia graduates high school. I wish you were here with us. It’s getting harder to be on earth without you. I love you forever.
      Devan Barr

  2. John Tarbell.

    One of my best cousin’s you said it best. She was a selfless person would do anything for any of us. I love her and miss her so much myself. Best mom ever❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. My nana was one of the most special people i’ve ever met. From when I was a baby until forever, she is my best friend. She deserved so much more than what this world had given her. I hope that one day I will get to see her again on the other side because I would give anything to watch mamma mia together one more time. I love you most forever and a day nana.

  4. Caitlynn Larnerd your such a great granddaughter. Your nana loved all her 8 grandchildren all differently. You are all so different but that’s just another reason it was different per grandchild. My mother Jan Also loved her children who gave her the best grandchildren she has ever had. Sons: Bruce Beauvais. Warren Leonard. One daughter: Devan Barr myself she has 2 very special daughter in laws : Kara Beauvais and Krystal Haley, she loved those 2 as they were her daughter’s also. Her only daughter, she babied me so much. She spread that love to her granchildren. Oldest to youngest- Stephen Barr, Cheyanne Richards, Hope Haley, Caitlynn Larnerd, Georgia Larnerd, CJ Beauvais, Allysa(sissy) Beauvais and Gabriella Beauvais. Great grandchildren oldest to youngest- Bridget Martin, Stephen Barr Jr, Athena Barr, Cameron and Sapphira Lynnett Barr. My mom’s only surviving sister Jenny Labaff Hyde. Our little family. Im proud of my 3 children they miss their nana so much. This whole family written in this post love her with all of our hearts. Janet my mom will never be forgotten ever in our hearts! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Good morning mom. It’s been going on 7 months November 14th. Thanksgiving is coming we all wish you were here to celebrate the holidays with us. Today is Halloween your favorite time of the year. My mother was of the Wiccan faith. So Halloween was special to her❤. Your birthday will be coming not far after Thanksgiving December 3rd. I wanna do something great for u but have not decided what. Christmas is around the corner and I can’t get you a gift. Im so lost without u here with us. You wouldn’t be happy with me im grieving so much it’s like I’m glued to this couch. I think about you so often I feel numb. Not taking care of myself or my responsibilities. One day slowly I will get better just not sure when that will be. We all love you. Happy Halloween our first without you with us. I pray your ok and watching over us all your little crazy different family. I love you❤❤❤❤❤ we all love you to the ends of the earth .

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