John Walter

Age: 80

City: Middle village

State: Unknown

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John Walter, was born in Middle Village Queens in 1939 and for the rest of his 80 years, lived here raising his family. He was a man full of love and life, knowledge and compassion, laughter, and happiness. Left without a home team when the Dodgers left, he became a proud NY Mets fan and rooted them on through thick and thin, season after season. He passed of Covid-19 on Sunday May 10 2020, leaving behind a wife of 57 years, 4 children, 2 grandchildren and hundreds whose lives were all that much better for having known and loved him.Submitted by: Brian Walter (

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  1. John will be greatly missed. He did so much for the youth of Middle Village. I would not be the man I am today without the influence of John in my life. He will always be remembered, missed and loved.

  2. For many of us in Middle Village, John was a friend and mentor, a voice of reason in this troubled world. He wasn’t perfect but yet he was perfectly imperfect. We were all from the Island of Misfit Toys and he gave us a safe space to work through that awkwardness, learn about ourselves, become better people and Christians. John used to call me his favorite atheist and I would often correct him and say that I was more of an agnostic theist, not knowing if there is a God or not but hoping like heck that there is one. He would fire back that he is an optimist and that this all has to mean something (I’m paraphrasing). I wish I shared his optimism but I still hope like heck that I get to see him again. I’d like to tell him again how much he meant to all of us and how the world could use more optimists right now. It’s burning and it would break his heart to see it, as ours breaks that he can’t. Farewell, my friend.

  3. There are no words that do justice to the memory of John Walter, but when words are all you have, you try. John always told it like it is and expected the same in return. He was honest and caring and helped teach others how to be the same by example. John was loved by many and touched so many lives in ways that will be evident in generations to come. He brought strangers together and made everyone feel welcome, loved, and special. Once you were part of John’s “family”, you were his family forever. And if it were not for that family, I would not have mine today. John, you will be missed beyond words and you will always be loved. Thank you for the memories and so much more.

  4. I knew John for over 30 years as a dear and close friend, We had many adventures together and before Covid looked forward to many more. With his leaving I have lost a piece of me. Tony C

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