Jorge O. Morales

Age: 65

City: Jackson Heights, Queens

State: Unknown

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Jorge O. Morales. Best father I could’ve asked for. Somehow, through all the s%!* life threw at him, he made it work. He lost his fight last night, but his spirit’s gonna live on forever through us. I like to believe he achieved the American dream…coming from nothing and creating a legacy. He made sure we had a quality life, giving us great educations and lots of adventures. I’ll always remember him as strict, a bit stubborn, but at the same time, so playful, funny, and supportive. I never wanted to disappoint him and disregard his sacrifices, and I’m happy knowing he was proud of what his kids all became. All he wanted is for us to be happy. He’d give me the shirt off his back if it meant making me smile. He’d give me his last dollar if it meant I could have fun. No matter what was going on, if it seemed like we were screwed because the electric or water went off, he always made us feel ok, that somehow, we would get through it. He didn’t like to get consumed by the heavy burdens of life. He’d rather take it in stride and make us feel like he had it handled. It always worked out. I think he knew life was too short and that happiness came first.
Here’s to the most loving, giving, hardworking man I know. He labored, he loved, he joked. He was proud of us and we’re proud of him. When this is all over, we’ll have a huge bbq, rather than a funeral, just like he said he wanted. He didn’t want his life mourned, but celebrated, so that’s what I’m going to do. He had so many good qualities and I can only hope to be as strong and resilient as him.
Until we see each other again, papi, I love you so much.

Submitted by: Danny Morales


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