Jorge Vilchez

Age: 76

City: Elizabeth

State: Unknown

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This is my Daddy he passed away on 4/2/20. He was an amazing and loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, brother-in-law, and friend. He was 76 years old and an active employee for the postal service. He had beaten 2 serious injuries, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, fully recovered from neck surgery, and an lived with an enlarged heart muscle. He was a fighter and a warrior (my Mochica). The way he loved my mom was fairytale like. He lived to love and provide for his family. My daddy and I just came back from our vacation from Peru on 3/12/20. He was the happiest man alive as he hadn’t seen his family in about 25 years. It was truly a blessing witnessing him so happy. We had an amazing time and came back to this demonic virus that took his life in 15 days. Daddy we miss and love you very much 💛🕊 Gone but will always be in our hearts 💛 Until we meet again McGyver I love you 💕😘Submitted by: Jennifer Vilchez (

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