Joseph Alexander

Age: 95

City: Hayward

State: Unknown

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My Dad was 95 years young ,born in New Orleans,LA Sept 11, 1924 ,he migrated to California for better Oppurtunities after he was discharged from United States Marine Corp in 1946. My Dad was a Trailblazer for the Montford Point Marines, a unit that desegregated the Marines Corp in WWII ,he was one of the first African American men to be enlisted! These brave soldiers were ignored and forgotten after WWII ended . President Obama signed into law the legislation in 2011 approving Congressional GOLD Medals to all the Montford soldiers who never got medals for their service and bravery fighting off the Japanese in the South Pacific and helping to win the war! My Dad didnt get his reward/honor of the GOLD,WW2 medals until Aug 2,2019 because he was never informed!! Unfortunately soon after, my Dad health started deteriorating and he had to be placed in nursing facility.He seem to be in good spirit at the nursing center , aware of his surroundings and the people who visited him.but As you know ,all the nursing facilities were locked down March 17, and no family visitations.He was in the nursing skill center when his illness took a turn for the worst, Family does not know any details but he was rushed to nearby hospital and 2 days later passed away,they said test positive to Covid 19. Really need to know why these nursing facilities werent better equipped to handle this crisis and what can be done to prevent more deaths.Not sure if anyone tested who my dad may have contacted the virus from…sadSubmitted by: Kay Alexander (

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  1. I am very sorry for your loss! I am happy he lived to be recognized for his service. My Mom passed after contracting Covid-19 in a nursing home also. You and I will never know how it got in, but it is possible it was walked in by someone with no symptoms. Prayers for your Dad, and for you. Hope you find peace. Hugs…

    1. Thank You Linda, you are so right,we may never find out why he got this coronavirus and what actually was going on in that facility,it is painful to not know but GOD knows and thats a fact. Im so glad he did live to see his WW2 medals and get recognition after almost 75 years. he was very happy on that day in August 2019 and that gives me some Peace,sorry you lost your mom from covid19 also.

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