Joseph “Gerby” Quijas

Age: 78

City: Kansas City

State: Unknown

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My father Joseph Quijas was called Gerby by those close to him. He was a man of many interests including running. This is a memory I am trying to keep in my mind as I struggle with his recent passing from Covid – 19 August 19, 2020. Admitted July 28th to the hospital he was placed on oxygen until the highest amount wasn’t enough and after agreeing to a respirator he had a heart attack during the procedure. As a young girl my dad ran marathons and throughout my upbringing we would often run together as he trained. Pacing yourself and breathing through your nose and out your mouth evenly not gasping was two lessons he taught me. To see my dad after his 14 days of quarantined isolation in the ICU where he was allowed one visitor per day I am so grateful to have been given but his breathing difficulty I wish I could forever forget. My dad was 78 years old but until the few days prior to Covid -19 struck he had never been seriously sick and I expected many more years of visiting art galleries, movies sharing theater popcorn and breakfast out on Sundays. I am still in shock this is how my father died. One of the last things he said to me as I unknowingly left the hospital visit for the last time was, “Be safe. Be safe.”

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  1. Kelly, I am so sorry for your loss. Your dad sounded like a great guy. I lost my mom, too. Yes, awful memories from that last week.

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