Juan Rene Olvera

Age: 34

City: Pasadena

State: Texas

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Born and raised in Pasadena Texas Juan was a proud Texan. He was the loving father of 3 boys Aiden, Samuel, Justin, and step-father of 1 girl Mattie. He was my once in a life time love, one I was blessed to have even for just our 6+years together. He was a hard working man. He loved his parents. Juan found joy in cooking/bbqing for his family and friends, especially his siblings, Rafael, Raymond, Jessica, and Jennifer which he shared a special bond with. The amount of love he had for his neices and nephews was Immeasurable. He was a huge fan of the AEW, Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, and the Houston Astros, though he could talk for hours about any team and almost any sport. He was loved by many. An excellent friend.
He was not just a number not just a “30's male” from our zip code, he was our everything. RIP My love 3/30/86-7/1/20

Submitted by: Stephanie Poudel (stephanie.poudel@yahoo.com)

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  1. My brother…one of the greatest hearts. He truly loved his family. I don’t think he knew just how much HE was truly loved.

  2. Boy is he missed. He was a kind and loving person. And yes he loved to bbq. And he loved his family. Rene we love you always and forever.

  3. I didn’t get to meet him face to face.
    But my mother and father did.
    I just know he had to being a good guy.
    Being a good husband to my cousin and a great father to my lil cousin’s.
    Rest in peace
    Cousin in law

  4. My BNL there is so much to say about him. He was a great loving kind hearted man. Who loved his family so much. Him and his brothers and sister had a bond that was so beautiful no one could break that. I will always love and miss you bnl. You in our heart forever.

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