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Kious loved his life, he loved to care for people, it didn’t matter who they were, he loved to dance.  A family member of one of his patients recently called him an “angel.”

Kious, born Marion James Smith IV, was born in Chicago and grew up in Lansing, MI, where he won a scholarship from the Lansing Schools Education Association. He graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis in 1993. Kious originally went to New York to become a dancer, and was a particular fan of the early 20th-century Polish ballet dancer and choreographer Vaslav Nijinsk.  However, none of his friends were surprised when the friend they knew as a loving caring person decided to go to nursing school, graduating in 2012.

No matter how stressful the day was, Kious was there for his patients and his team mates, often with a secret stash of chocolates for those particularly tough days.

Tragically, he was one of the first healthcare workers to succumb to this horrendous virus in New York City, and will be forever missed by his sister, family, co-workers and friends.

”Kious never shied away from those in need. He served with love. If you needed care, you would get it. He ran toward the oncoming enemy determined to bring survivors back with him. That’s who he was….That’s just who he was!”

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  1. What an amazing, interesting man!! Just looking at his pictures, you all will miss him so much. Thank you for sharing his life story.

  2. I am so sincerely sorry, I wish I could have met him, so few people this genuine these days. We need many, many more humans just like him.

  3. Kious sounds like an extraordinary person. A beautiful dancer, a wonderful caregiver and friend, with such a warm smile. Thank you for sharing his story. I’m so sorry for all those who loved him and for all of those he would have touched. May his beauty live on.

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