Laura Merlo

Age: 86

City: Huntington Beach

State: Unknown

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My mother was a very successful interior designer. Her last design job was the Commerce Casino remodel and the Commerce Casino hotel when they built it. After her interior design company slowed down, she became a real estate appraiser. She was lucky enough to appraise some well-known musicians, actors, producers, and a couple of Angel players homes throughout Orange and Los Angeles County. She would call me and ask have you heard of Mark Mothersbaugh? I would laugh and say he was in Devo. She would say I just appraised his house. Or have you heard of Blink-182? I have an autograph picture for you. Or I just got a signed ball from Mike Trout and Troy Glaus! Mom, I would say I can’t believe all these celebrity houses you are appraising. Good times! After awhile her health started to fail and she had been in a nursing home.
As we knew my mom’s health was progressively worsening, my visits were becoming more frequent. Because of COVID-19, I had to stop seeing my mom as of March 17. All I could do is cry because I knew I was not going to see my mom again. I didn’t want her to die alone. I was so blessed and thankful for the nursing home to put me in complete PPE and let me say goodbye to my mom , thank her, tell her I love her, and tell her I did not abandon her. She passed two days later on Good Friday. Because of COVID-19 there were no flowers and no celebration of life. Just two days ago, Hospice put together a Zoom Celebration of Life for those of us that had lost a loved on during COVID-19 and though it was unconventional, it was beautiful and helped with a final closure for myself.

Submitted by Cynthia LeFave.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, these times make it so much harder. What a wonderful mother. She sounds so cool. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tribute.

  2. I am so sorry sweetheart. You look a lot like her. I’m sending lots of love and strength to you. Peace will come eventually. Just know you are in my thoughts.

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