Liborio Alessi, Jr.

Age: 52

City: Calverton

State: Array

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Liborio (Lee) Alessi had survived a heart transplant in 1998 & two strokes (hemorrhagic & ischemic simultaneously) in 2016. He had been living with my mother & was recently in a rehab after being in a hospital to address multiple seizures. We believe he contracted the virus in the rehab. When he was discharged on 3/28, he wasn’t “the same”, but we thought it was due to having no visitors & not understanding why we couldn’t visit. A few weeks later he ended up in the hospital, tested positive for the virus, was intubated on 4/13 & passed on 4/17. He was an adored uncle, brother, son & father. He survived some of the toughest things & this virus got him & took him away from us.Submitted by: Suzanne Gruenberg

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