Louise Greenhalgh

Age: 87

City: Hobe Sound

State: Unknown

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My mother who besides dementia and hearing loss was otherwise healthy and living in a nursing home contracted Covid19 more than likely contracted the deadly virus from a member of the staff. My mother had never been outside the facility in 2 years. She fell ill and was transferred to the hospital where she tested positive for Covid19. She remained in the hospital for 3 days with a very low blood oxygen level despite the fact they were giving her the highest amount of oxygen possible. She was declining fast. She was then moved to a Hospice facility where she remained for 2 days until she passed away on July 24,2020. She passed peacefully in her sleep. Before the dementia she was married to my Dad for 50 years. He had already passed in 2018. They had a beautiful life with wonderful friends and traveled the world. My mother has a wonderful life and worked as a medical assistant from the time she was 18 until she retired at 65. She loved to paint, bowl and play bocce. I was her only child and I was adopted. I gave her 3 grandchildren and my oldest gave her 3 great grandchildren. She had a very full life before Covid19 quickly took her from this Earth.

Submitted by Sheila Kush.

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