Margaret Schweers

Age: 93

City: Red Bank

State: Unknown

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The past 30 to 45 minutes have been the toughest time of my life I ever experienced. Today me and my family lost a warrior a tough Irish woman ☘️ who would never let anything get in her way. Ganny I love you so much you battled so hard I’m sorry I couldn’t have done anything to help I wish I could’ve. From the bottom of my heart I love you so much and I hope you are reading this while In heaven with Pa. You were the toughest most strongest women I ever met in my life. I remember you always helping me with my homework going out to eat at the beach together going up to the Francos for Christmas every year. I am going to miss you Ganny so much, I don’t know what I am going to do without you. But, you are in a better place now and I will eventually reunite with you and see you again, thank you for everything you have done to not only help me but everyone else in the family. I never would of thought I would lose you , I can’t believe this has happen I love you so much and I wish I could have seen you. You were the best grandma ever Ganny and I know you will be watching over me and the rest of the family, tell Pa I love him and we will all see you and him eventually one day. Love you Ganny❤️Submitted by: Brenton Schweers (

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  1. Every time we read this, it brings tears to our eyes. It is so from the heart and so true.

  2. Well said my luv. Ganny was the matriarch of the family and life will not be the same without her. She will be forever missed❤

  3. Beautifully said buddy, a fitting tribute for a wonderful “Ganny”. And this I know, she is proud and honored by your tribute

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