Margo Rubens

Age: 68

City: West Bloomfield

State: Array

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Loving daughter of the late Jerry & Irma Wald, loving mother of Ryan (Amy) Rubens, Michael Rubens, Veronica Rubens, dearest sister of Joe (Cheryl) Wald, Debbie (Eric) Canvasser, and Richard (Lisa) Wald. Loved by many adoring nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephew, and many friends.February 16, 1952- April 11, 2020Margo Rubens was an extraordinary person. Her smile and laughter filled a room. Her personality was infectious. If you were feeling down or wanted someone to talk to, she was there.She befriended everyone she met. For those that didn’t get a chance to know her, Margo was a loving, kind hearted, funny, strong, stubborn (lovingly) and driven person. Her family and friends are saddened that the COVID-19 virus had an impact on her health, but we are happy to know you are at peace. You’re free from the struggles and frustrations you faced while living with MultipleSclerosis.She loved dessert (especially chocolate) and would have maybe a few bites of dinner and then devour an entire brownie sundae. She loved elephants and polar bears. She was a fearless badass who could drive a stick shift with ease. She would argue who loved who more using complex equations (I love you, I love you more, I love you more+10, I love you more times infinity, I love you more infinity+1). She was super crafty and made jewelry, frames, and these cool people out of Petoskey Stones. She to this day was only 27 years old (not sure how I passed her in age). She may have been tiny but she was a momma bear you didn't mess with her cause she wasn't afraid to speak up if you messed with her or her children.Enjoy all the yoga, flowers, butterflies and sunshine your heart desires! Most importantly, keep those jokes coming and go get your boogie on once again! You’ve touched soooo many lives and will be missed tremendously!

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  1. She was a very special person in so many ways. We have lost a sister, friend, aunt, warrior and a total goofball. She will be loved and missed forever. Thanks Jeffery for doing this, it’s beautiful.

  2. RIP Margo, You sounded like a really neat lady. I am so sorry to all of Margo’s loved ones.

  3. May God give you all strength. Margo sounded like an incredible person.

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