Marjorie H

Age: 65

City: Brockton

State: Unknown

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Marge moved in with me 10 years ago, after the sudden death of her boyfriend. After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis I became her caregiver. She had several health problems, but didn’t let them get her down. Despite being alienated from most of her family she was kind to everyone, made many new friends and gained my family. We did many fun activities together including traveling.
My husband contracted Covid at his job and Marge and I caught it from him. She was ok and upbeat until the day I found her unresponsive on her bedroom floor. We were scheduled to be tested the next day. Since my test result was positive, there’s no doubt she had it also. My husband and I were both hospitalized briefly but are physically healed. We and our pets deeply miss Marge.

Submitted by Annette Roberts.

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