Martin Addison

Age: 44

City: Waldwick

State: Unknown

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Martin’s life was cut tragically short due to COVID-19.

Martin put up a courageous fight against this virus. He contracted COVID-19 at the end of March, and was hospitalized on April 3rd as a patient in the ICU. On April 7th, he was intubated and placed on a ventilator. About a week later, as they began to wean him off the ventilator, a bacterial infection set him back, and they were unable to extubate him. Martin defeated that infection, and was making progress. Unfortunately, after many failed attempts at extubation, he was given a tracheostomy on Monday, April 27th. Since Monday night, Martin had been battling another bacterial infection, and he lost his fight on April 29th. He was only 44 years old.

Martin was a true family man. He was a doting “papa” to his 2 year old daughter and his 5 month old son. He was the best husband, who always made me feel so special and loved. He loved sports (Liverpool Football Club/Broncos/Mets/ UCONN Huskies), Star Wars, acronyms, James Bond, and music. Martin was passionate about his patients and his work as a speech/language pathologist (he worked with patients with dysphagia) at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in NJ.

Submitted by Pamela Addison.

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  1. Martin was also a good friend and his delightful smile lives on in the faces of his beautiful children. Thank you, Pamela, for keeping his memory alive. We are praying for you.❤️

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