Maureen & Kenneth Ciolek

City: Bayonne

State: Unknown

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My mom, Maureen is/was/always will be the most loving and caring wife, mother, grandmother, sister and aunt a person could have. Her main concern was the happiness of those around her and she always had a beautiful smile on her face.My dad, Kenneth was an army veteran who always put family first. A hard working man who always put others before himself to ensure their happiness and well being.They would have been married 50 years this October had Covid-19 not taken them from their family and had so much love and dedication for each other and are missed by everyone who knew them.Submitted by Jennifer Ciolek-Pedana (

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  1. They were beautiful caring people. I knew your mom. She was a sweet lady. And always made us laugh. I worked with her on st Vinnirs. Will be missed.

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