Melody Molina Rockwell

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My friend, Melody Molina Rockwell passed on April 9. She has a beautiful family, 2 twin daughters and a Special Needs son and a wonderful husband. She was selfless, her focus was always on her Faith and her Family. She always put herself last, making sure everyone around her was taken care of! Melody was a light in this world that went out way too soon. I appreciate this opportunity to memorialize a wonderful Mother, Wife, Daughter and Friend.

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  1. Melody was a awesome friend, always smiling and always had a smile on her face. She will be missed very deeply. I Love You

    1. Melody – I never met you, but feel that I knew you from all that my son has told me. You were a model for selflessness and we can honor you best by being the same. May God bless you and yours. Steve Blong (John’s Dad).

  2. Melody always brightened my day when I seen her. Her smile was contagious. She could always make you smile no matter what kind of day you were having. She had the kindest heart, and always thought of you first. I am going to miss you so much my friend. Fly with the angels and see you soon❤️❤️

  3. Melody you will be missed daily! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face when I seen you. Thank you for always thinking about me and my family. Your smile was so contagious. You brought light to every room you entered. I Love you my friend. Fly with the angels. See you soon❤️❤️

  4. I will miss our little talks and coffee. You were such a soul♥️♥️♥️

  5. I have only known Melody for the short time I’ve been with MGM Grand (8 months) but every time I came into work she was such a welcoming happy soul to see. Her warm smile brought energy and joy to all of my coworkers each and every night. I’m convinced her compassion to people and her infectious selfless personality will live on with her beautiful family. Thank you Melody for sharing that with me. Rest easy and see you when we meet again ❤️

  6. Sister, Today I actually cooked Ginger, remember how we would laugh about us White Girls and cooking with different spices and trying new stuff? I love you and miss you!

  7. I didn’t know Melody but it is an honor to read about the person she was. We can take lessons from Melody and be a light with our family and co-workers.

  8. Hi Mel, Guess what? Katie was accepted to NJHR! She declined the invitation, she knew the outreach it would take and interfere with her studies. Kyleigh and Katie always remember what you told them, Listen to your Mom, Get your Education! We are just checking in. We miss you, we love you.

  9. I didnt know melody but just like me nephew she sounds like a special my heart goes out to her husband, kids and family may she watch over you all from heaven

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