Melvin Van Hooser

Age: 75

City: Clarksville

State: Unknown

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My husband had just turned 75 in March . One morning he woke up and couldn’t walk first thing we thought was a stroke which wasn’t but he ended up in Nashville for test sent him to rehab for 14 days started a bad cough was never tested for COVID-19 I picked him up at the door of hospital and brought him home next day tested positive for COVID-19 they admitted him to centennial up until he passed he was able to communicate with family but we still could not see him until the day he passed and we got to say our goodbyes for seven hours .. this COVID-19 is a very serious matter people be cautious at all times because trust me it can take love ones away very quickly the hurt I will never get over!

Submitted by Jimmie Van Hooser.

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  1. Mel was a fine man. He was in HR when i started at Trane in 1989. He had time for everyone and will be greatly missed. Bee Ashbaugh # 7495

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