Michael Kimmell

Age: 72

City: Marietta

State: Unknown

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My dad died on April 11, 2020 after a 3 week battle. His heart just couldn’t do it. It was awful. It’s just me and Mom. The last time I saw him was my birthday in early February. We had a wonderful time. After he went to the hospital we never saw him again. I never got to speak with him. Even after he died we couldn’t see him. Only the box of ashes that came home. It was 24 hours a day of torture hoping beyond hope that he would pull through. We could only call the hospital around 10am and 10 pm. He was a wonderful man and father. Honest and loyal. Faithful and kind. He was a veteran and an Eagle Scout. He taught me everything. He is my best friend. I miss him every second of everyday.

Submitted by Wesley Kimmell.

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