Mike Myers

Age: 74

City: Littleton

State: Array

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On April 29th we lost my dad. COVID caused his kidneys to fail and sent him into septic shock. He fought for 6 weeks alone before it finally took his life. My dads name is Mike Myers. He was a minister that spent 47 years with the Littleton Church of Christ in Littleton, CO. He grew up in a tiny town in west Texas about 45 minutes north of Amarillo. Those roots ran strong. He had a slow, soft Texas drawl that people couldn’t forget once they heard it. He was also quite ornery, and always had a perfectly time joke to tell to jab at people with. He touched so many lives and the outpouring of love for my dad was overwhelming once people learned of his death. Everyone saw him as their best friend. He had an extraordinary ability to connect with people. He truly loved people, and made it his life’s work to care for them. This coming August would’ve been my parents 53rd wedding anniversary. He loved my mom more than anything. He always told people that he married above his head. They were so sweet together! I have two sisters, and two cousins that my parents took in as teenagers after my aunt and uncle passed away. All together there are 5 girls, and he has three wonderful grandchildren. In a nutshell, that is Mikey.

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