Natalia T. Ramos

Age: 76

City: Pasadena

State: Unknown

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I lost my mom to COVID-19 on July 27, 2020. I remember her calling me and telling me that she was not feeling well. We ere not too alarmed because she had been having these bouts of illness due to her being on dialysis. She was still able to drive and do things for herself. She lived with my brother , so that was a good thing because I knew that she was not alone. However, something in her voice did concern me the last time I talked to her. She sounded tired and her voice did not sound reassuring. I told her to got to the ER and let them check her. She said she would but my mother could be stubborn. I asked my brother to please take her to the ER as soon as possible. This is when he told me that it is possible that she may have contacted COVID from her church. My brother takes her to the ER and is told she does not have a fever but that they would do other testing. She was tested for COVID and it was found she was positive. My mother was admitted into the hospital and was there for four weeks. She begin with antibiotics and oxygen. I was able to talk to her, but when I did, she did not recognize who I was anymore. She beginning to lose her ability to breath so they told us that she was having to be intubated. She never regained consciousness again. The hospital called us and told us that all her organs were failing and that we needed to make a decision. This would be the hardest decision that a mother’s children would ever have to make. We were called to the hospital and they told us that my mother was failing and would not live past the day. My brother was the only one allowed to be with her for the last few minutes she had left of her life. The rest of us waited in the hospital parking lot just waiting for word. At about 2:25p.m. on July 27, 2020 my mother left us for good. My heart is broken not having her here and not being able to say “goodbye and I love you.” This is a broken heart that will never heal.

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