Norgay Davis

Age: 65

City: Helen

State: Array

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My dear cousin Norgay, you came to me in Cleveland from your home in West Virginia 9 months ago so that I could help care for you and get you better help with a few health issues… and you did get better. You were well and thriving and set to return home the beginning of May to a new home your son was building for you.March 29th you were still residing in a nursing home/rehabilitation center when you were diagnosed with Covid-19. Within a week we lost you. You passed April 4th at only 65 years of age.You belonged to a big family and were a cherished friend to so many. You are mourned and loved by all of us. We remember your sense of humor, zest for life, and incredibly friendly nature affectionately. Your warm smile, unforgettable laugh, and beautiful blue eyes are etched in our hearts and memories forever. We love and miss you dearly.

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