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My father Paul Abramson died April 23 of Covid related illness. He had been sick for four weeks and he was such a fighter, we thought he was going to beat it. No doubt he had a long full life, filled with adventure, world travel and fun. Even at 92 he was always ready to meet new people, learn more about the world, play cards with his bridge ladies, bet on sports, FaceTime with his grandsons, join a travel webinar and find a party. He never met a party he didn’t like. For those of you who met him, you encountered his exuberance, vibrancy and humor. He was a great practical joker and loved playing tricks on everyone. (A trait I inherited and one that my husband Doug never quite appreciated. On one of our first sleep overs, I threw cold water on him in the shower and he warned me the relationship would not last if I continued that kind of behavior.) He had the gift of being able to talk to anyone about anything and somehow, he would find a way to weave his beloved Brown University into the conversation; he even managed to sneak that in while being evaluated in the ER.

Even though he was 92 he still had more life to live.

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