Peggy Levison

Age: 77

City: Edgewater

State: Unknown

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My mother was a therapist in Greenwich Village. She loved her patients, her 3 children, and 5 granddaughters. Vibrant, adventurous, generous and kind describe my mother, her life, and personality. Oh, funny too. She had a wicked sense of humor. On March 19 she came down with a cough and a fever. She went to the hospital the following week where she was given steroids and hydroxychloroquine. After eleven days she was released and really improved over the next 10 days. Then all of a sudden the virus came back, she lost her taste and smell, her heart was racing and she developed pneumonia again. She tried to check herself back into the hospital after urgent care discovered her pneumonia. They didn’t admit her and 4 days later she died of a heart attack.

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