Phillip M Eilenberger

Age: 71

City: East Stroudsburg

State: Unknown

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He was my best friend, up until the day he passed i would call and talk to him or just shoot a text saying hi asking how he was doing and if he was still chasing the ladies around the halls of old orchard. My father raised me to be the respectful man I am now, he was my baseball team mate , football team mate and most importantly my fishing buddy, I wish I could have done more to help him , I wish I could have seen him more and most importantly I wish he could have seen his grandkids grow up. This disease is horrible, it didn’t allow me to properly say goodbye to him. Use this story as a reminder to not take life for granted, tell the ones you have close that you love them as often as possible, communicate with them let them know you are always there and you’ll never forget him. I lost my best friend, my hero, my father. Thank you for sharing my story.

Submitted by William Eilenberger.

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